Welcome to the new Fosstodon Hub!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself "why on earth does a social network need a blog?" Well, we wanted a place where we could make announcements and talk to you guys where the 500 character limit of Fosstodon isn't enough. For example:

  • New Mastodon features etc.
  • Announcements about the Fosstodon project as a whole.
  • Details of any donations we make to other projects.
  • Anything else we feel is important.

We intend for this blog to be a single source of truth when it comes to official announcements, news and information about all things Fosstodon. Whenever we publish a new post on here, we will post a link on our official Fosstodon account, so please make sure you're following that account if you're a Fosstodon member.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed on this site, is you so wish.

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