Fosstodon Hub

Code of Conduct

This document lays out the ground rules for participating in the Fosstodon community. It is intended to protect all members of our community from harassment and to ensure that our community is as welcoming and inclusive as possible. This is a working document, so the Fosstodon team may amend this CoC to better meet these goals in the future.



While it’s important to know what Fosstodon is, it’s just as important to understand what we’re not. Fosstodon is not:

Public Toots

Public Toots are those that are posted to the public timelines. This means that anyone on Fosstodon can see your Toot on the local timeline and anyone on the Internet can see your Toot via the see what’s happening page. This also means that your Toot will be visible to any instances that Fosstodon federates with, via the federated timeline.

Non-Public Toots

At Fosstodon, we consider a non-public Toot to be Toots that are not posted to the public timelines. These include Toots that are posted with the following privacy settings:

Users who follow you have consciously opted in to what you have to say. By using Follower-only you are talking direct to those people, and not the wider fediverse. People who follow you are more likely to understand the context and tone of what you’re trying to say.

Always use a Content Warning (CW) where appropriate, even for Follower-only and Direct Toots.

Rules for All Toots

All toots (public and private) should abide by the following rules:

Additional Rules for Public Toots

Public toots should follow the above rules and should also abide by the following additional rules:

Always remember that your public toots are read not only by our existing community members (who may have the context to know what you mean) but by potential future community members as well. Strive to keep the local timeline representative of the inclusive, friendly community we want to build.

Federated accounts

Behaviour on other Fediverse servers, or social media platforms, that are an egregious breach of this Code of Conduct could impact your account here on Fosstodon.

This could include, but is not limited to, users of Fosstodon who have accounts on other servers and use those accounts in a manner that would contravene this CoC. For example, if the same person has an account on Fosstodon and on another instance, abides by this CoC on Fosstodon, but is on another server sharing their extremist beliefs, or attacking other users, they may have action taken against their Fosstodon account.

Please note: this is applicable only in extreme circumstances. If you get into a minor argument with someone else, that’s fine. We’re not trying to Police the Fediverse here, we’re simply trying to prevent Fosstodon from being a haven for bad actors, merely because they haven’t broken this CoC with their Fosstodon account.

Reporting Violations

If you notice a toot that violates this code of conduct, please report it. It is easy to assume that someone else has already reported a toot, but it is easy for everyone to feel that way and no one to report the toot.

Let the moderators moderate

If you see a toot that potentially contravenes this Code of Conduct, do not try to moderate, reprimand or enforce this CoC. That is the job of the moderation team.

Instead, please report the toot to the moderation team, who will take appropriate action.


The moderation team will always take a pragmatic approach to every report they receive - if they feel that a problematic Toot isn’t explicitly called out in this CoC, yet is inappropriate for Fosstodon, the Toot will likely be removed and the member will be dealt with appropriately.