Fosstodon Hub

Thank you!!

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our community members who have generously contributed through donations. Your support means the world to us. We want to emphasize that while we greatly appreciate any donations, you should never feel obligated in any way. Your participation in our community, whether through contributions or simply being a part of it, is valued above all else. We are here to provide a space that you can enjoy, and your involvement is a choice, not obligation. Thank you for being a vital part of our community.

How we assign funds

When you make a donation, either by Patreon or PayPal, it eventually ends up in our PayPal account. With this funding we do a couple of things:

  1. We keep a 6 month float of running costs; so we know we have funding in place should we need extra cash for things like an unexpected server upgrade.
  2. Anything over and above our running costs is accumulated in to donations to open source projects that our Patrons get to choose. We tend to save these funds up so we can make meaningful donations – usually a minimum of $100/donation.

Project donations process

Once we have enough funds saved up to make a donation to a project, we will create a Patron-only post on our Patreon page, which include details on how you can recommend a project for donation.

Once we have some recommendations from our Patrons, the team will create a short list. Once the short list is created, we will create a survey so all of our members can vote on which project should get the donation.

Again, this will stay open for a week and the project with the most votes at the end will get the donation.

We will then post details of any donations made to this page.

Current funding

The details below are accurate as of 02 December 2023.

Details Amount (USD)
Fosstodon hosting: $2,050
DNS hosting: $20.00
Mattermost server: $15.00
Translation server: $8.00
Bitwarden: $5.00
Current monthly operating costs: $2,098
Current funds: $10,371.28
Total months funded: 4.9

Donations we have made

Donation Recipient Date Donation Amount
Mastodon 04 Mar 19 $150
Elementary OS 17 Jun 19 $100
Let’s Encrypt 17 Jun 19 $100
Pixelfed 11 Jul 20 $200
Software Freedom Conservancy 11 Jul 20 $200
Electronic Frontier Foundation 19 Nov 20 $200
Tor Project 19 Nov 20 $200
postmarketOS 24 Nov 21 $300
European Digital Rights 24 Nov 21 $300

Total donations made: $1,750