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We were recently asked by a member of our community why we were using Cloudflare as the Content Delivery Network for Fosstodon.

This was a valid concern considering the numerous privacy concerns that many people have when it comes to Cloudflare, especially when it comes to their free TLS certificates and what is basically MiTM TLS inspection.

Now, we want to be very clear here we do not use Cloudflare for our TLS certificate. That is provided by Let's Encrypt. The only data that is handled by the Cloudflare CDN are the media attachments that our users post.

However, when our members raise a concern, we listen and we try to come up with a solution. We host Fosstodon with Masto.Host, which uses the Cloudflare CDN for media by default. Being the great service provider that they are, they give their customers the option to use a different CDN. So we started looking into alternatives...


Kev already uses BunnyCDN for the CDN on his personal website – they're a known quantity and have a good reputation. So we decided to migrate from Cloudflare to BunnyCDN.

Now, BunnyCDN isn't a free service and it may get quite expensive for us to host with them, but we will have to wait and see. We're estimating that the additional cost for BunnyCDN will be around $20/month based on our current bandwidth usage.

Fosstodon is a popular instance, and we generate a lot of traffic. As we grow, that traffic will grow too. At the moment we're funded pretty well and have enough in the kitty to absorb this additional cost, but if you want to help chip in to keep Fosstodon alive you can help support us in a number of ways.


We will always take the feedback we receive from our community seriously, and we really hope this post proves that.

BunnyCDN is live and serving your content right now. Hopefully the transition has been a seamless one for you. If you do notice a slight slowdown over the next few days, please bear with us as it will take some time for the cache to build up across the new CDN.

We will, of course, keep you guys update about how we're finding BunnyCDN. Also, the details of all our funding and how we use can be found on our about page.

If you have any feedback, please reach out to one of the team, or contact us.

Over the last year or so, we have had a handful of members leave Fosstodon to either start their own instance (which is awesome), or to join another instance as they feel they can't post about subjects other than FOSS on Fosstodon (not so awesome).


If you have been a member of Fosstodon for some time, you will likely remember the stickers that we offered for sale. We ordered them from Sticker Mule and they were excellent quality.


In a previous post we asked our community for help in bolstering the funding of Fosstodon. We're really happy to say that our amazing community stepped up and then some!


The Fosstodon Hub is a huge part of the Fosstodon project. We use the Hub not only as a blog, but also as a way of tracking our funding and sharing useful information to our members. Basically, the Fosstodon Hub is a one-stop shop for all things related to Fosstodon.


Fosstodon has nearly 7,000 members!

I think it's fair to say that when Mike and I started Fosstodon back in 2017, we didn't think we would be the biggest FOSS based instance on the Fediverse. That's just awesome and we love the fact that our little corner of the Fediverse is growing so well.


A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to make some changes to the Fosstodon team and how we manage things around here. We have a really strong team of moderators and also Mike and Kev carry out some moderation duties, as admins.


This post has been written by one of Fosstodon's admins, Kev.

A few days ago, I wrote the following Toot:

This post caused a lot of upset across the Fediverse it seems, so I wanted to set the record straight in a longer form. This blog seemed like a good place to do it. I was considering putting this post on my personal blog, but because this subject aligns so closely with Fosstodon, here seemed like the better choice.


With a combination of sticker sales and regular [donations via PayPal and Patreon, we have been able to make our second donation to open source projects way sooner than we first thought.


Mastodon is great, but one of the issues with a federated social network such as this, is that users need to be sure their instance isn't going to disappear overnight. This has happened on a number of occasions to my knowledge, and it leaves the instance's members high and dry.


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