Fosstodon Hub

Introducing Supporter Tags
We've just added supporter tags for all those cool people who financially support us on Patreon

Community Meetup
Join our first ever community meetup!

We've Gone Invite Only
We've decided to change from requiring approvals to join, to invite only.

Fosstodon and Cloudflare
We've been asked a lot of questions about our use of Cloudflare, so here's our official stance.

Facebook, Fosstodon & The Fediverse
This is Fosstodon's official stance on the whole Facebook joining the Fediverse debacle.

More Upgrades!
The Twitter storm continues to swell and in response, we've had to upgrade, yet again.

Fosstodon vs Twitter - Round 2
Fosstodon has been dealing with the great Twitter migration, again. Here's an account of what happened from our perspective.

Why is Fosstodon currently down?
We had to do some maintenance which brought the instance down for a while. Sorry about that.

Five Years of Fosstodon
Fosstodon has recently celebrated its 5th birthday. So here's a celebratory sticker and the story of how we got started

Our Domain Expired and it Took Out All Our Services
A couple of days ago expired and all our services went down. Here's how it happened.

Twitter, Elon & Fosstodon - A Post-Mortem
We were effectively DDoS'd by Twitter migrants following Elon's purchase of Twitter. Here's what we were doing in the background.

2021 Donation Results
Here are the results of the latest round of Fosstodon donations.

Time to show some FOSS love!
FOSS project donation time!

Wow...just wow...
Recently, we asked for your support to make sure our overhead was covered and to help us prepare for anticipated growth.

We're Growing, But We Need Your Help!
Fosstodon is going from strength to strength, but in order to keep that up, we need your help.

New member sign up
We've made an adjustment to the way new members sign up and it's already been a huge help.

Once Again You've Done It
Details of our 4th round of donations to open source projects.

Time To Support Some FOSS Projects
Here we go again...another round of FOSS project donations! :-)

Community Spotlight
Have a project that you think needs some exposure? We might be able to help.

Thank You For Your Reports
Reporting troublesome toots really helps us, so thank you.

Donation Results - Round 3
Here's the results of our third round of donations to open source projects.

Another round of donations
Yet again, we're donating some spare funds to open source projects.

We Have A New Community Manager
We have managed to fill the position for our new community manager.

Adding A New Sticker To Our Shop
More sticky swag for you to enjoy!

We Need A Community Manager
We're growing the team and Fosstodon needs a Community Manager. You interested?

Moving Away From Cloudflare
A lot of people in open source don't like Cloudflare, so we stopped using it.

We're Not Just FOSS
People come to Fosstodon for so much more than just FOSS.

Stickers are back!
If you want some cool sticky Fosstodon swag, we got you covered.

We Asked, You Answered
Thank you all so, so much!

We Need Your Support Please
We want to make sure Fosstodon stays around for the foreseeable future, but we need your help.

Moderation Update
An update on how we're moderating things in our little corner of the fediverse.

Fosstodon, Kev & 'Snowflakes'
There's been some drama around Kev's use of the word 'snowflakes'. Here's his response...

Donations - Round 2
This is our second round of open source donations - it's very exciting!

Longevity and Fosstodon
We're not planning on going anywhere, but if we do, we have a plan.

We Just Made Our First Donation!
Making donations to open source projects is a nice feeling. Hopefully this is our first of many!

Five Things To Do After You Join Fosstodon
Useful tips to get you started with Fosstodon and our amazing community.

New Patron's Keybase Team
If you're a Patron, you now get exclusive access to a private Keybase team.

Why Fosstodon Is English Only
An explaination as to why Fosstodon is an English only instance.

Our first post on the new Hub, hello world!