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Meet The Team

It takes a lot of work to keep the Fosstodon running. Whether that’s moderating reports, providing advice to moderators, creating and editing documentation, or just keeping the lights on and the wheels turning.

This page lists all the amazing volunteers that keep this ship afloat.

Senior Moderators

Our Senior Moderators play a crucial role in offering support and guidance to the moderation team, in addition to crafting and enhancing the documentation that accompanies Fosstodon, such as our Code of Conduct and moderation guidelines. They are also actively involved in the ongoing development and enhancement of Fosstodon, contributing both technically and within the community, collaborating closely with the founders to ensure the platform’s continued improvement.


Role: Senior Moderator

Ru is a contract web developer from south Asia. She takes pride in supporting Arsenal, and wishes to travel the world one day, meeting all the friends she has made on the fediverse along the way. Her FOSS journey has been ambivalent — switching from FOSS all the things to FOSS when it's comfortable. You can also find more about her on her personal website.

Chris Miller

Role: Senior Moderator

Chris is a retired software developer and manager. He’s got an empty nest and time on his hands, which he fills with reading, writing, RPGs, cooking, and brewing beer and mead. Has been a proponent of FOSS since the last century and is deeply interested in using free and open source software in creative pursuits.


The moderators are the unsung heroes of Fosstodon. They’re the people who work every single report we receive, and take appropriate action to keep Fosstodon a friendly and inclusive place for all our members.

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, please contact us.

Jan-Lukas Else

Role: Moderator

Jan-Lukas is professional software developer and free-time blogger with a deep interest in everything that has to do with software, internet and open source. He even built his own blogging engine with ActivityPub support.


Role: Moderator

Tayo is a husband, father, IT professional at a large utility company, 3Dprinting enthusiast and part time rancher (living beyond the sidewalks and off the grid in very rural Texas). In his spare time he enjoys grilling hamburgers, playing with grandkids and making different things. In addition, he's trying to give Cooper some competition on the awesome beard front.

Lulu Powerful

Role: Moderator

Lulu is studying data science. She thinks mathematics and programming are fun, and "just because" is sufficient reason to learn something new.


Role: Moderator

Donut is an IT sysadmin, who specializes in authentication toolchains, PKI, and systems integration. It is impossible to know his next move, mostly because he doesn't know what it is either. Away from the keyboard he enjoys baking bread, painting Battletech miniatures, and going out for a range day. Find him at Ctrl-C Club on https and gemini.


Role: Moderator

Joel is a Mechatronics student from Mexico, he has embraced a world of hobbies from origami to card tricks, graphic design and speedcubing. His journey led him to FOSS, and FOSS led him to more hobbies.

He enjoys gaming, manga, and books. Open to chat anytime, as long as he isn't adding new features to his website.


Role: Moderator

A cypherpunk and public interest technologist, CarrotCypher is passionate about a lot of topics. They love learning about and supporting things that interest them, as well as supporting communities (like this one!).


Kev and Mike are the founders of Fosstodon. It was their idea to start this whole thing in the first place. They started out simply wanting a vanity handle on the Fediverse, but later decided to open things up to other FOSS and tech enthusiasts. As so, Fosstodon was born.

Kev and Mike are responsible for all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes - like responding to DDoS attacks, large influxes of users and working with vendors like and Fastly, to improve the service for all our members.

Kev Quirk

Role: Founder

Kev lives in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and works in InfoSec. He's a father of 2, husband of 1, and a keeper of dogs, cats, fish, shrimp (yes, shrimp) and chickens. He enjoys web development, collecting watches and motorbikes.

You can usually find him posting on his profile about all manor of uninteresting things and on his personal website.

Mike Stone

Role: Founder

Mike is a husband, father, and big nerd. The other co-founder of Fosstodon, he’s probably posting right now about something he’s found on the Internet and thinks is interesting. Loves discussions about free and open source software/hardware, artificial intelligence, and long walks on the beach.