Meet The Team

A list of the Fosstodon team members and their roles.


Kev Quirk

Kev Quirk is one of the co-founders of Fosstodon. A keen Linux and open source advocate, you can usually find him posting on his profile about all manor of uninteresting things. You can also find him on his personal website.

Mike Stone

Mike is a husband, father, and big nerd. The other co-founder of Fosstodon, he’s probably posting right now about something he’s found on the Internet and thinks is interesting. Loves discussions about free and open source software/hardware, artificial intelligence, and long walks on the beach.

Community Manager


Cooper is a PC Gamer, father, husband, and all-around down to earth kind of guy. He’s an IT Professional, by day and The Community Manager, by night… well, he does that during the day, as well. Cooper has extensive experience with managing other communities and managing an amazing beard.


Joseph Defazio

Joseph is the first moderator to be added to the Fosstodon team. He is a web developer, father, owner of cool hair, helping kids living in poverty in the Philippines.


“CodeSections” (AKA Daniel) is on a mission to bridge the gap between law and technology. A former attorney at a major New York law firm, Daniel now spends his days programming full time.


Hund is a minimalist, slow-tech philosopher, and environmentalist. He’s a an advocate for ethical/ libre software and a Neovim cultist. When he’s not philisophizing about the “Worse is better” movement, KISS, or UNIX, he spends his time enjoying art projects and designing/building keyboards. Make sure to check out some of his custom keycaps and handy board work.


Tayo is a husband, father, IT professional at a large utility company, 3Dprinting enthusiast and part time rancher (living beyond the sidewalks and off the grid in very rural Texas). In his spare time he enjoys grilling hamburgers, playing with grandkids and making different things. In addition, he’s trying to give Cooper some competition on the awesome beard front.