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Donation Results - Round 3

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  11 Jul 2020

Here's the results of our third round of donations to open source projects.

You know who’s awesome?… all of you! Once again, we’ve been able to help a couple of open source projects, based on your continued donations and support for Fosstodon!

A few weeks ago we asked for your help in deciding which open source projects should receive some Fosstodon love and support. After many submissions and a vote, by our Patreons, we finally landed on 2 winners.

We just made a $200.00 donation to Pixelfed and another $200.00 donation to the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Pixelfed donation

SFC donation

Our about page contains details about our funding and past donations.

Your say matters

We’ve always said that any additional funding we receive from the Fosstodon Community will be used for supporting open source projects. Once we have enough saved up, we ask you to give us some input and vote on a project.

If you’re an active Patron, you will get to cast a vote as to which project gets the donation. If you want to sign up to support Fosstodon and other projects, you can use this link. Our Patreon tiers start at just $1/month.

Seriously, thanks… and we mean it

You guys are the epitome of what a community should be. At the time of this post, we’re right on the brink of 11,000 members and that is an amazing achievement. Our regular Masto.Host upgrades are a tribute to the Fosstodon Community’s success and growth.

Thanks for your continued support and helping us make sure Fosstodon is one of the best Mastodon instances to be a part of!