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Introducing Supporter Tags

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  05 Dec 2023

We've just added supporter tags for all those cool people who financially support us on Patreon

As of today, we’re launching a new tag within Fosstodon that celebrates those who have chosen to financially support us. If you support us on Patreon, here’s what your profile should now look like:

Supporter role example

This should effect all current and past Patreon supporters where we have been able to match your Patreon email with your registered email on Fosstodon. Whether your membership is currently active or not.

What about other supporters?

Unfortunately, we can’t add this tag for supporters who have donated by Liberapay or PayPal as there is no way for us to access your email address. If you have supported us via one of these methods, please drop us an email and we will work to get the tag added to your account.

Note: You will need to add some proof of your donation to the email and your Fosstodon username.

What about new supporters?

Now that we’ve gone through the backlog of existing supporters, we will review new supporters on a regular basis and add them. So you should see the supporter tag appear on your account within a couple days of becoming a supporter.

Become a Fosstodon supporter

Finally, thanks to everyone who has financially supported Fosstodon, whether that’s in the past, or at present. We wouldn’t be able to operate this beast without it.