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Moderation Update

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  02 Aug 2019

An update on how we're moderating things in our little corner of the fediverse.

A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to make some changes to the Fosstodon team and how we manage things around here. We have a really strong team of moderators and also Mike and Kev carry out some moderation duties, as admins.

However, we realised that moderation and administration are two different roles. So we have decided to separate those duties into 2 distinct roles. This meant that Mike and Kev would no longer be carrying out any moderation tasks.

New Moderators

With Mike and Kev stepping down as moderators, this left a gap as we try to stick to a follow the sun process with regards to moderation. This means that we try to have moderators spread out across the globe, so that there’s usually someone from the team around.

We already have CodeSections, Kelbot and Lee covering the US time zone, so we were good there, even without Mike. We also have Joseph in Asia and since Asia has our fewest members, 1 moderator in that time zone is fine.

Kev is based in the UK, so there was a gap there as we have a lot of members in Europe. So we decided to replace both Mike and Kev with moderators from a similar time zone as Kev.

With that in mind, we would like to officially welcome both Gina and Jens to the Fosstodon moderation team.

Both Gina and Jens are based in Europe, but more importantly, they’re both well respected and well liked members of the community. We’re thrilled to have them on the team!

Why separate?

Finally, we wanted to quickly touch on why we have decided to separate the roles of administration on moderation. By doing this, it will give the mods more freedom to act as they see fit, without Mike and Kev having to oversee (not that they had to anyway). It will also allow Mike and Kev to focus on growing Fosstodon, rather than dealing with moderation tasks.

From this point on Mike and Kev will not process any reports. They will be on hand to provide assistance and advice to the mods, but the final decision on which action to take will always be the mods.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please use the contact us page, or reach out to one of the team in Mastodon.