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New member sign up

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  21 Apr 2021

We've made an adjustment to the way new members sign up and it's already been a huge help.

Recently, we made the decision to require manual review and approval for all new Fosstodon accounts. The decision was based on the growing number of bot and spam accounts plaguing the Mastodon Community. While we assumed this might cause a significant amount of additional work for our staff members, we’ve actually seen a slight decrease in the effort involved. Most of the new account submissions are only in queue for a few hours, at most, while the number of spam/bot reports has decreased quite a bit. We’re happy to report that we’ve already seen support for the decision.

Anytime we make decisions, like this, it’s never to make Fosstodon more difficult to join or provide unnecessary obstacles. Rather, we make these decisions/implementations to improve the community experience for our members. We always appreciate your support and feedback so, if you have any additional suggestions on how we can make Fosstodon a better place for it’s members, send them our way!