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Once Again You've Done It

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  19 Nov 2020

Details of our 4th round of donations to open source projects.

Despite the current events, around the world, the Fosstodon Community has completed another round of donations to a couple of awesome open source projects.

Our recent post called on the community’s help with suggestions for open source projects that could use a helping hand. We had an overwhelming amount of submissions for so many different projects. With the help of our Patreons, we narrowed it down to two projects that we were able to reach out to and support.

Earlier today, we were very happy to send a $200.00 payment to EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and another $200.00 donation to the Tor Project.

Round 4 donations

Keep it coming!

We continue to maintain our stance of always donating any additional funding to open source projects. When excess funds build up, we reach out to the Fossotodon Community and ask for input/votes on where to send it. Once the community provides some possible candidates, our Patreons cast votes on who will receive the funding. If you want to sign up to support Fosstodon and other projects, you can use this link or read more about supporting us, here. Our Patreon tiers start at just $1/month.

Thanks for your continued support and helping us make sure Fosstodon is one of the best Mastodon instances to be a part of!