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Stickers are back!

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  21 Jan 2020

If you want some cool sticky Fosstodon swag, we got you covered.


If you have been a member of Fosstodon for some time, you will likely remember the stickers that we offered for sale. We ordered them from Sticker Mule and they were excellent quality.

It was a real pain for Kev and Mike to manage, as they were having to post them manually all over the globe. In the end, the stickers sold out and the guys started to look at their options.

Numerous people asked for more designs, but it was already a nightmare to manage, so more designs would only make it more difficult. After reviewing a number of potential suppliers, we ended up opening a shop with Design By Humans.

They will handle the postage for us, and the price of the stickers hasn’t changed - they’re still $3.00 each.

New Designs

Yes, we added some new designs too! You can still buy the familiar Fosstodon mascot that was created by Jens. But a lot of people really liked the Tux sticker that’s on our mascot’s laptop - you can now have that sticker too!

We have added Jens’ Tux design to our sticker shop, as well as a Fosstodon logo sticker. We may add more in the future. If there’s a design you would like added, get in touch.

If you want to check out our shop on Design By Humans, and maybe even order some stickers, please use the button below:

Buy Stickers –>