Support Us

Running a project like Fosstodon can be expensive and take a lot of time. We have a fantastic team of volunteers to help moderate and manage Fosstodon, but if you want to help support the project financially you can do so in a couple of ways.


We have a Patreon site set up that allows our members to donate a regular amount of money to the Fosstodon project. This can be a little or as much as you're comfortable with, but we do have a few default tiers that offer some perks:

Tier 1: Fosstodon Contributor ($1/month)

You will get a great big thank you from us as Fosstodon. You're helping us keep the lights on. You get to vote on which FOSS project(s) we donate to.

Tier 2: Fosstodon Lover ($2/month)

You're helping to not only keep the lights on, but ensure the future of Fosstodon. You get to vote on which FOSS project(s) we donate to.

Tier 3: Fosstodon Legend ($5/month)

By pledging $5/month you instantly become a Fosstodon legend in our eyes. You're helping us keep the lights on, ensuring we have a future AND allowing us to make donations to other FOSS projects. You get to vote on which FOSS project(s) we donate to.

You also get an forwarding address to the email address of your choosing (email us after setting up the pledge and we will set up your forwarder).

Become a Patron!


If you would prefer to make a one-off donation to the Fosstodon project, that's fine too. Please visit our PayPal page if you would like to make a one-off donation.

Other ways to support us

We don't just need financial support. If you don't want to support us financially, that's absolutely fine - Fosstodon is a free service and always will be.

If you're a Fosstodon member and want to contribute to the project without your wallet, here are some ideas:

  • Report any posts that you feel violate our CoC.
  • Keep sharing interesting posts that spark discussion and debate.
  • Be excellent to each other.

Thank you

Finally, we wanted to end this page with a quick thank you. The support that the community gives us, both financially and otherwise, really helps Fosstodon to continue to go from strength to strength.