The Team


Kev Quirk

Kev Quirk is one of the co-founders of Fosstodon. A keen Linux and open source advocate, you can usually find him posting on his profile about about all manor of un-interesting things. You can also find him on his personal website.

Mike Stone

Mike is a husband, father, and big nerd. The other co-founder of Fosstodon, he’s probably posting right now about something he’s found on the Internet and thinks is interesting. Loves discussions about free and open source software/hardware, artificial intelligence, and long walks on the beach.


Joseph Defazio

Joseph is the first moderator to be added to the Fosstodon team. He is a web developer, father, owner of cool hair, helping kids living in poverty in the Philippines.


“CodeSections” (AKA Daniel) is on a mission to bridge the gap between law and technology. A former attorney at a major New York law firm, Daniel now spends his days programming full time.

Lee Forest

lee8oi (Lee Forest) is a former ITT student with experience in operating systems, networking, administration, management, and programming. He joined the Fosstodon team after the shutdown of Google+ where he ran a large open source community group.


Jens is a FLOSS illustrator and graphics designer living in Sweden with husband, cat, and several shelves of pen and paper RPG's. Proud KDE eV member.


Gina is a sysadmin for a fully #FOSS feminist non-profit based in the Netherlands. She posts daily updates about their opensource adventures. As a self-taught programmer, she is slowly starting to contribute to FOSS projects herself. Also into bouldering and cats.