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Time to show some FOSS love!

Written by: Cooper  |  16 Oct 2021

FOSS project donation time!

Round number…umm…well, we’ve lost track because, it’s been quite a few!

Hey folks, it’s Cooper and it’s that time, again, where we’ve saved up enough donations to support a few open source projects. As we’ve always mentioned; we’ll spread the love to open source projects when we’ve reached a surplus in funding. For this round, we’ve decided to make 2 donations in the amount of $300 each.

We need our members’ input on where to send those donations. Click here to submit your suggestions for projects that you’d like us to support.

We’ll stop taking submissions on October 29th. At that time our Fosstodon Patreons will vote on those submissions and narrow it down to 2 entries.

If you’re interested in having a say on where the donations will go, you can sign up to become a Patreon here.

As always, we’re offering our sincerest “thanks” to our current Patreons and other supporters. None of this would be possible without you! We know you’re probably tired of hearing it but, we’re truly proud to have such a supportive community. It makes our roles much easier and we appreciate all of you more than you know!