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We Asked, You Answered

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  30 Dec 2019

Thank you all so, so much!

In a previous post we asked our community for help in bolstering the funding of Fosstodon. We’re really happy to say that our amazing community stepped up and then some!


Before the post went live, we explained that Fosstodon has around 7,000 members and it costs around $90/month to keep the lights on at Fosstodon HQ. Our amazing Patrons were kindly donating $87/month, of which Patreon take their cut.

The meant that Fosstodon was operating at a loss, which Mike and I would need to fill. That’s not a huge problem while it’s a few bucks per month, but Fosstodon is the largest FOSS-based instance on the Fediverse and we’re growing fast. So while it’s only a few bucks deficit now, in a few months that number could be much more.

Mike and I love what we have built with Fosstodon, but it takes a lot of time to manage. The last thing we wanted was for Fosstodon to become financial burden on us as it’s a quick and easy way of sealing the fate of Fosstodon.

Stepping Up

The response from the Fosstodon community has been incredible. We knew we had an amazing community, but we didn’t think you guys were that amazing!

Since publishing the post a number of things have happened:

All of the above means that Fosstodon will continue to be well funded into the future. As always, any surplus funding will be used to make donations to Open Source projects, of which our community chooses.

Thank you!

Finally, we wanted to say thank you for the amazing generosity that this community has shown. Mike and I find it so humbling that our members enjoy Fosstodon enough that they’re willing to put up some of their hard earned cash to help keep the lights on.

Our commitment to the community hasn’t changed - Fosstodon will always be free to use and Mike and I will always do what we can to keep the lights on where possible. This amazing response means that Fosstodon continues to have a bright future. Thank you, everyone!

If you want to help support Fosstodon, you can do so here.