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We Just Made Our First Donation!

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  04 Mar 2019

Making donations to open source projects is a nice feeling. Hopefully this is our first of many!

Because of all the amazing support we get from our Patrons over on Patreon, today we have been able to make our first donation to an open source project.

A couple weeks ago we published a shortlist of projects on our Patreon page that had been submitted by all members of Fosstodon. We then allowed our Patrons to cast a vote as to which project they would like our first donation to go to.

Mastodon was he outright winner with 31% of the total votes and because of the support we get from our Patrons, we were able to make a $150 donation to the Mastodon project!

If you take a look at our about page page, you will see details of our current funding, who we have donated to and when we did so.

Have your say

We said right from the very start that any additional funding that we receive from our Patrons will be put to good use and donated to other projects. Once we have a little pot saved up, we will make regular donations to projects of your choosing.

If you’re an active Patron, you will get to cast a vote as to which project gets the donation. If you want to sign up to support Fosstodon and other projects, you can use this link. Our Patreon tiers start at just $1/month.

Thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much guys! Fosstodon is going from strength to strength - we have to regularly upgrade our hosting package with Masto.Host (which is a good thing) because you guys just keep on coming.

If it wasn’t for the financial support that you guys provided us with, we would struggle to keep the lights on at Fosstodon and we certainly wouldn’t be able to donate to other projects.

To us, that’s the epitome of what a community is and long may it continue!