Our first post on the new Hub, hello world!

📅 22 Aug 2018

Welcome to the new Fosstodon Hub!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself “why on earth does a social network need a blog?” Well, we wanted a place where we could make announcements and talk to you guys where the 500 character limit of Fosstodon isn’t enough. For example:

We intend for this blog to be a single source of truth when it comes to official announcements, news and information about all things Fosstodon. Whenever we publish a new post on here, we will post a link on our official Fosstodon account, so please make sure you’re following that account if you’re a Fosstodon member.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed on this site, is you so wish.

💬 Looking for comments?

We don't have comments on this site as they're difficult to manage and take up too much time. We would rather concentrate on growing Fosstodon and making sure it stays awesome.

Instead of leaving a comment, feel free to ✉️ contact us instead.