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We've Gone Invite Only

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  04 Sep 2023

We've decided to change from requiring approvals to join, to invite only.

As a team, we’ve been discussing how we can better foster a community feel on the instance. Many of our older users look back fondly to a time when we were a much smaller community, so we’ve decided to make a change to try and bring that back.

From now on, Fosstodon will be invite only.

We hope that by making this change, Fosstodon will become more community focussed, and less service focussed. We don’t want to be the biggest instance on the Fedi, we just want to have a nice community where people can hang out and enjoy.

What does invite only mean?

It effectively means that signups are not possible. If you go to the Fosstodon home page right now, there’s no sign up form. Instead there’s just a message that says we’re invite only.

Instead, any new users will need to use an invite link that’s been generated by an existing user.

This means that Fosstodon will grow much more slowly, but (more importantly) it will grow via recommendations, which should (hopefully) bring back some of that community vibe.

If you want to generate an invite link for your friends, head to and generate a link.