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Wow...just wow...

Written by: Cooper  |  29 Jun 2021

Recently, we asked for your support to make sure our overhead was covered and to help us prepare for anticipated growth.

You answered the call

The Fosstodon Community’s response was staggering! We received a few one time donations, in addition to increasing our monthly support via Liberpay and Patreon. Not only that but, we even had people show support that aren’t part of Fosstodon! How incredible is that!? If you didn’t get a chance to show some support, you can look here for ways to help out.

How’s it looking?

At the time of our last hub post we were receiving $130.00/month with an overhead of $115.00/month. Since then, our Liberpay and Patreon monthly support has increased to $309.60! This will allow us to make preparations for an anticipated increase in monthly expenses, as the community grows and overhead costs increase (CDN traffic, server specs, etc). Here’s a link to a summary of our current funding and expenses.

What about the excess?

As always, any surplus funds (above our 6 month operating expense target) will be used for supporting open source projects. Once we have enough saved up, we will ask you to give us some input and vote on a project.

If you’re an active Patron, you’ll have the opportunity to cast a vote as to which project(s) will receive the donation(s). If you want to sign up to support Fosstodon and other projects, you can use this link. Our Patreon tiers start at just $1/month.

Where do we go from here?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. At the current rate, along with the one-time donations, we’ve already been able to hit our 6 month operating cost goal. Currently, we’re looking over some improvements and upgrades we’ve anticipated for the community, based on increasing member numbers and traffic. When those changes become necessary, we’ll want to ensure we’re covering 6 months of the updated expenses, as well. If we continue to take on more supporters, we’ll be able to meet those goals sooner and start supporting more open source projects. Beyond that, more funding equals more projects supported. It’ll be like a continuous circle of Fosstodon Community awesomeness!

Final thoughts

As the community is preparing to crest the 19,000 member milestone, the Fosstodon Staff couldn’t be more humbled from the support that has been shown by the community. We are so proud to be part of such an amazing family (yes, you’re all like a massive family of really great people). We’re glad you chose to be part of this with us as we continue to grow and support free and open source projects.

Thanks for your continued support and helping us make sure Fosstodon is one of the best Mastodon instances to be part of!