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Donations - Round 2

Written by: Kev Quirk  |  17 Jun 2019

This is our second round of open source donations - it's very exciting!

With a combination of sticker sales and regular [donations via PayPal and Patreon, we have been able to make our second donation to open source projects way sooner than we first thought.

The first time around we made a donation of $150 to the Mastodon project. This was a great choice by our Patrons, as it allowed us to give something back to the project that is the backbone of Fosstodon.

Our Patrons have spoken again, and this time they chose 2 projects to donate to. We’re thrilled to say that we just made 2 donations of $100 each. One to Elementary OS and the other to Let’s Encrypt. Both Elementary and Let’s Encrypt are fantastic projects, and the Fosstodon team are incredibly proud of the support our community continues to give us, which in turn allows us as a community to support other projects.

If you’re interested in becoming a Patron and having a say in what project(s) we donate to next, you can become a Patron here. You can also read more about our current funding and where your money goes on our about page.

Thank you all for supporting Fosstodon!

Elementary donation

Let's Encrypt donation